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Silk Arrangements and Single Stems

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Cream Hydrangea Stem
Cream Hydrangea Stem Sale price$22.00
Cream Euc Stem
Cream Euc Stem Sale price$10.00
Agave in Ceramic Pot
Agave in Ceramic Pot Sale price$12.00
Fiddleleaf Tree with Pot
Fiddleleaf Tree with Pot Sale price$65.00
Fiddleleaf Tree
Fiddleleaf Tree Sale price$12.00
Lite Green Long Fern
Lite Green Long Fern Sale price$9.00
Hanging Plant
Hanging Plant Sale price$6.00
Wood Vase Neutral Drieds Sale price$30.00
Wood Tray Dried Sale price$75.00
Pink Wood Vase Dried Sale price$30.00
Black Succulent Dried Sale price$45.00
Peach Dried Arrangement
Peach Dried Arrangement Sale price$40.00
Spirea Spray
Spirea Spray Sale price$16.00
Dried Snail
Dried Snail Sale price$30.00
Spring Wreath
Spring Wreath Sale price$60.00
Rustic Wood Vase Small Sale price$35.00
Cream Fittonia
Cream Fittonia Sale price$10.00
RealTouch Tulips
RealTouch Tulips Sale price$11.50
Wisteria Mini Pick
Wisteria Mini Pick Sale price$5.00
Nordic Vase with Dried
Nordic Vase with Dried Sale price$40.00
Colorful Metal Vase Dries
Colorful Metal Vase Dries Sale price$50.00
Matte Vase Silk
Matte Vase Silk Sale price$100.00
Short Black Vase with Cream Silks
Cream Simlax Spray
Cream Simlax Spray Sale price$12.00
Cream Lisianthus Spray
Cream Lisianthus Spray Sale price$12.00
Cream Queen Anne's Lace
Cream Queen Anne's Lace Sale price$15.00
Marigold Spray
Marigold Spray Sale price$7.50
Cream Euc Stem
Cream Euc Stem Sale price$19.00
Brown Plum Stem
Brown Plum Stem Sale price$3.50
Hydrangea Pampas Grass Stem
Wheat Bush
Wheat Bush Sale price$40.00
Linaria SprayLinaria Spray
Linaria Spray Sale price$11.00
Pink Ruffle VasePink Ruffle Vase
Pink Ruffle Vase Sale price$45.00
Black Vase with Palms
Black Vase with Palms Sale price$55.00
Black Vase with NeutralsBlack Vase with Neutrals
Black Vase with Neutrals Sale price$62.00
Blade Euc Spray
Blade Euc Spray Sale price$10.00
White Planter Dried Florals
White Fern Stem
White Fern Stem Sale price$13.00
Dried Reed Spray Brown
Dried Reed Spray Brown Sale price$15.00
White Lace Fern
White Lace Fern Sale price$8.00
Faux Herbs
Faux Herbs Sale price$7.00
Dried Pampas
Dried Pampas Sale price$30.00
Faux Caladium Plant in Plastic Pot
Faux Banana Tree in Plastic Pot
Faux Fern Tree in Plastic Pot
Faux Elephant Ear
Faux Elephant Ear Sale price$37.00
String of Pearls Planter
String of Pearls Planter Sale price$39.00
Blade Eucalyptus
Blade Eucalyptus Sale price$20.00