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Silk Arrangements and Single Stems

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Necklace Fern
Necklace Fern Sale price$32.00
Brown Colored Floral
Brown Colored Floral Sale price$30.00
White Bunny Tails Bouquet
White Bunny Tails Bouquet Sale price$15.00
Sweet Pea Stem
Sweet Pea Stem Sale price$14.00
Large Succulent
Large Succulent Sale price$16.00
Succulent Pick
Succulent Pick Sale price$9.00
Black SucculentBlack Succulent
Black Succulent Sale priceFrom $5.00
Silver Dollar Euc
Silver Dollar Euc Sale price$17.00
Cream Protea
Cream Protea Sale price$18.00
Allium Spray
Allium Spray Sale price$15.00
Reed Spray
Reed Spray Sale price$6.00
Dried Natural Goldenrod Bunch
Blush Paper Flower
Blush Paper Flower Sale price$15.00
Dried Natural Craspedia Bunch
Succulent in Paper Pot
Succulent in Paper Pot Sale price$10.00
Handmade Dried Bunch
Handmade Dried Bunch Sale price$16.00
Dried Bunny Tail BunchDried Bunny Tail Bunch
Dried Bunny Tail Bunch Sale price$19.00
Dried EucalyptusDried Eucalyptus
Dried Eucalyptus Sale price$27.00
Purple Paper Flower
Purple Paper Flower Sale price$15.00
Orange Pampas Grass
Orange Pampas Grass Sale price$12.00
Ruscus Bush
Ruscus Bush Sale price$14.00
Mustard Ginger Stem
Mustard Ginger Stem Sale price$10.00
Dried Date Palm Leaf Bunch
Succulent Vine
Succulent Vine Sale price$11.00
Hanging Succulent Spray
Hanging Succulent Spray Sale price$24.00
Faux King ProteaFaux King Protea
Faux King Protea Sale price$15.00
Succulent Stem
Succulent Stem Sale price$12.00
Cream Astible Stem
Cream Astible Stem Sale price$13.00
Salal Sale price$6.00
Brown Protea
Brown Protea Sale price$18.00
Eucalyptus Bush
Eucalyptus Bush Sale price$24.00
Eucalyptus Spray
Eucalyptus Spray Sale price$24.00
String of Pearls
String of Pearls Sale price$21.00
Fina Bunch
Fina Bunch Sale price$13.00
Banksia Spray Brown
Banksia Spray Brown Sale price$17.00