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Planters and Plant Accessories

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Orange Terracotta Planters
Orange Terracotta Planters Sale priceFrom $8.00
Raised Planters
Raised Planters Sale priceFrom $18.00
Cream or Black Aztec Planter
Black and Tan Planter
Black and Tan Planter Sale priceFrom $8.00
White Aztec Planter
White Aztec Planter Sale price$10.00
Fish Flower Pot
Fish Flower Pot Sale price$18.00
Aztec Planter
Aztec Planter Sale priceFrom $10.00
Cement Arch Planter
Cement Arch Planter Sale price$23.00
Charcoal Striped Planter Sale priceFrom $27.00
Ribbed Speckled Planter
Ribbed Speckled Planter Sale priceFrom $20.00
White and Mustard Planters
White and Mustard Planters Sale priceFrom $10.00
Chevron Planter with Tin Feet
White Striped Planter
White Striped Planter Sale priceFrom $16.00
Bohemian Metal Planters
Bohemian Metal Planters Sale priceFrom $20.00
Terracotta Sun Planter
Terracotta Sun Planter Sale priceFrom $8.00
Metallic Flower Planter
Metallic Flower Planter Sale price$27.00
Bloem Chocolate Planter
Bloem Chocolate Planter Sale price$12.00
Bloem Tuxton White Planter
Bloem Finley Tall Square Black Planter
Grey Bloem Watering Can
Grey Bloem Watering Can Sale price$14.00
Glazed Pot
Glazed Pot Sale price$10.00
Charcoal Pattern Planter
Charcoal Pattern Planter Sale price$20.00
Dot Planter
Dot Planter Sale priceFrom $20.00
Black Planter
Black Planter Sale price$26.00
Dot Pattern Planter
Dot Pattern Planter Sale price$34.50
Terracotta GobletTerracotta Goblet
Terracotta Goblet Sale priceFrom $18.00
Warm Terracotta Planter
Warm Terracotta Planter Sale priceFrom $8.00
Decorative Woven Seagrass Baskets
Decorative Woven Seagrass Baskets Sale priceFrom $18.00
Slat Container
Slat Container Sale price$38.00
Painted Metal Mushroom Plant Stakes
Protect Spray with Neem
Protect Spray with Neem Sale price$14.00
Grow Concentrate
Grow Concentrate Sale price$13.00
Hand-Woven Seagrass Baskets Charcoal
Face Planter
Face Planter Sale price$15.00
Wood Planters
Wood Planters Sale price$108.00
Handmade Rattan Trellis
Handmade Rattan Trellis Sale price$23.00
White Planter in Brass Hanger
Disco Ball Plant StakesDisco Ball Plant Stakes
Disco Ball Plant Stakes Sale price$28.00
Bloem 56 Oz Aqua Rite Mix Watercan
Woven Basket with Liner
Woven Basket with Liner Sale priceFrom $7.00
Macrame Air Plant Hanger
Macrame Air Plant Hanger Sale price$20.00